Melatonin Herbal Blend

BIOS Sleep Gel capsules contain the world’s purest form of Full Spectrum CBD, derived from organic USA Grown Hemp on Federally licensed farms.

BIOS CBD is full impact CBD. Proprietary formulation for high bioavailability for faster absorption into the bloodstream. Look for 25mg BIOS CBD per serving for an effective dose. The BIOS Sleep Gel Capsules provide a convenient method of intake.

BIOS Sleep Capsules embody nature’s solution to anti-anxiety and relaxation.

Go Full Natural Health. Go BIOS.


BIOS SleepBenefits

Known To Relieve:

Reviews forSleep Capsules

Terrilyn D. Anderson
I gave 5 star to this product as it really and perfectly works for me. Haven’t had a really good night sleep a few months until I take this product. Will recommend this to my friends and colleagues.
Anton Serrano
Awesome product, the quality of sleep is also very good I feel well rested. Highly recommended!
Marck C. Edwards
Since my wife gave birth to our first child, I’ve committed myself to help her take care of our baby during the night. I had to keep myself awake just so I can take care of my boy whenever he needs me. But then the time came when everything seems okay during the night so I can now return to my regular sleeping routine. This is where I started having trouble, I am having a hard time sleeping during the night because my body clock seems to have conformed to the 8-month-long sacrifice. Then my friend introduced me to this WONDERFUL PRODUCT, It’s a LIFESAVER for me! I can sleep sound at night and I believe it helped me improved my overall health as well because I’m having the best sleep I could ever dream of almost every day! Just WOW!

Proprietary BIOSSleep Blend includes:

Coconut Oil


Peppermint Oil

  • Coconut Oil
  • Melatonin
  • Peppermint Oil

Additional Information

Full Spectrum CBD

USA Grown

Gluten Free


Suggested Use

  • Take 1-2 12.5mg capsules as needed
  • 1 month supply/60 capsules per bottle

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Melatonin Herbal Blend
Go Full Natural Health. Go BIOS.
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